Monday, August 27, 2012

New Fat Sand Bikes are coming to Southern California

The Fat Sand Bike Story

TommiSea bicycles was founded in 2008 By Tommi Coghill (Tommi “C”…get it?) after Tommi an avid rider, and beach-goer (who also coincidentally has a degree in Physics) decided to crash together his two favorite loves. The first product line he developed was a special line of carts and accessories designed to help him carry his gear - surfboards, coolers, fishing poles – virtually anything the beach enthusiast needs to fully enjoy the sun, surf and sand – to the beach. And while his product line met with great success with thousands of beach lovers around the world, he felt something was missing. How about a way to transport your gear without having to walk and push or pull it? Wouldn’t it be great to have a special bicycle that you could ride on the beach AND carry your gear behind you in one of his specialized carts? But nothing existed in the market except standard issue mountain bikes which did not get the job done. So with that came the idea for a new line of bicycles unlike anything anyone else had ever seen before.

In addition, Tommi, who lived in Virginia Beach, who wanted to visit his friends who lived up and down an 8 mile stretch of beach, and enjoy the scenic trip down to North Carolina on the beach (and cars were not allowed on the beach) concluded the best way to do this was on a bicycle. Doing the trip on foot took all day and by car it took hours due to tourists and traffic. But if he only had a bicycle to do the quick, not to mention very scenic and enjoyable beach ride, he could do it in less than an hour. He concluded that had to make a bike that was up to the task.

Because Tommi did not have a previous career in the bicycle industry, he was able to design what is known today as the “Fat Sand Bike” without any pre-dispositions as to how things were supposed to be done. Like for starters, putting super wide, mammoth 26” x 4” wheels and tires that virtually “float” on the sand – even soft sand – without energy wasting spinning of your wheels (literally!). Since the wheels dictated a fairly large footprint, the frame and fork needed to be strong but light. And the bikes had to have multi-speed options to make it easy to ride in just about any conditions. Top it all off with sealed and stainless steel components to combat the salt water and air, and you have a line of bikes that is bullet-proof and extremely fun and easy to ride.

And while they were designed for the sand, Fat Sand Bikes are equally at home in virtually any terrain – they can go, and perform anywhere you want to go. Sand. Snow. Trail. Street. In fact, besides making it easy to navigate through all sorts of rough terrain, Fat Sand Bikes are probably the most comfortable and efficient commuter or street bike you will ever ride. The long wheelbase and wide tires provide an extremely stable platform.

So once Tommi had prototyped and thoroughly tested his new concept, he painstakingly worked to find the best partners in the industry to produce the bike to his stringent quality standards. And because many of the components were unique to the Fat Sand Bike, they have been patented and special tooling and processes, that were new to the bike industry, have been created. Today, many of the unique features and components are in the process of being introduced into other cutting-edge products soon to be introduced by TommiSea.

So what does all this mean? The net result, is what we like to call the most versatile bike you will ever own – the Fat Sand Bike. And yes, go ahead and get sand in places it normally isn’t supposed to go – you can wash both the bike and yourself off later.

Enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer on a Fat Sand Bike! Tommi “C”

New Fat Sand Bikes are coming to Southern California so give us a call any day 10am to 10pm for more information or a test ride 619 750-3355.

Dealers Wanted ASAP 

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